Intelligent Restaurant Delivery Robot

Intelligent Restaurant Delivery Robot
Delivery Mode
  • Multi-point delivery
  • 24h full-time work
  • On call
Reception Mode
  • Lead the way
  • Multimodal interaction
  • Attract customers
Cruise Mode
  • Cruise & Delivery
  • Cruise & Collect dishes
  • Interact with guests
We always believe

The simple and repetitive tasks of delivering food are completed by robots, and the service staff are freed from the repetitive labor and provide services to the guests in a better state and a more relaxed attitude.

Through ROBINT, we see countless possibilities for intelligent services!
Four Functions
Multi-point delivery
(Voice broadcast)
Cruise delivery
Smart reception
(Lead the way)
(Warm service)

Robot Intelligent Food Delivery

  • Full-time Cruise delivery,save manpower

  • Automatic delivery of various foods
    (snacks, drinks, dishes, etc.)

  • No contact distribution, more secure
Five highlights

1. Rapid deployment
Super sports chassis, multi-sensor fusion the robot is ready to use, no need to change the environment.

2. Multi-point Delivery, multi-layer heavy load
Large multi-layer tray, which can load up to 10kg/ layer. Multi-point Delivery,Multi-task parallel.

3. Autonomous navigation
Self-developed modular sports chassis, Multi-sensor fusion positioning can realize autonomous and precise navigation, 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, and more flexible delivery in complex environments.

4. Multi-mode interaction, humanized experience
Voice interaction and UI interaction

5. Long battery life, automatic commuting
The robot can work continuously for 10-12 hours, after completing the task, it will automatically recharge.
Product performance parameters
Size: 486*556*1270mm
Weight: 60kg
Battery Capacity: 30Ah
Pallet Layers: 3-4 layers
Pallet Load: 10kg
Pallet Size: 560*440mm
Walking Speed: 0.6~0.8m/s
Climbing Angle: <2°
Overcoming Obstacles: < 25mm
Battery Life: 8h (Automatic Charging)
Charging Time: 4h
Rated Battery Voltage: 24V

Goods Analysis
Robint Intelligent Restaurant Delivery Robot Other Brands of Robots
部署> Fully independent research and development, super sports chassis, multisensor fusion, robot ready to use, no need to start to change the environment, fast and convenient installation. Food delivery robots of other brands need to place an anchor point on the roof of the restaurant for robot positioning, which requires construction and a long deployment time.
操作 Voice operation, simple steps
Powerful voice recognition technology, leading reception and other functions can be triggered directly by voice, easy to issue commands.
Manual operation,difficult steps
The command can be executed only manually and requires multiple clicks.
功能 Product function diversification
In addition to the food delivery function, the food delivery robot also has intelligent reception, entertainment and interaction and other functions.
Single product function
Robot only for food delivery, other functions are not perfect.
性能 Super obstacle avoidance ability
Six-wheel chassis structure, more stable. Imported laser hardware and sensing system, with strong obstacle avoidance ability.
Obstacle avoidance ability is not strong
Most of the robot chassis for four-wheel interface, stability is not high, and easy to hit people.
Honors of ROBINT
Team Strength
Our R&D division is teamed up by talents, specialized in cutting-edge technologies, for instance, AI, big data, Internet of Things, robotics, from prestigious universities at home and abroad such as University of California and Beihang University. They all research expertise with many scientific research achievements.
Now, of over 180 Robint staff, R&D team accounts for 80% in which 52% holds PhDs and master’s degrees or above.
Total Employees  180+
R&D Team  80%
PhD & MA  52%
Technical Strength
With three core technologies and 100-odd patents for invention, a technical “stronghold” in the industry has taken shape.
40 Patents
High-precision Mapping & Motion Control
high-precision (by centimetre) tech. applied to a single 5000㎡ mapping for the first time and sensor-collaboration-optimized route planning tech. applied to multiple and complicated scenarios
30 Patents
Precise sensing & Smart recognition
The world forefronter in Human tracking technology and the industry leader in object detection and recognition technology
30 Patents
Human-like Cognition & Collaborative Decision Making Technology
the team, combining visual data with voice data, put forward a innovative idea, the smart robotgroup collaboration tech. based on human-like cognition, getting ahead of the industry.
Product qualification certificate

ROBINT intelligent service robot has obtained a number of invention patents and passed strict product testing.
Cooperation Hotel
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Xiamen Rockit Intelligent Technology Co., LTD are a leading manufacturer of smart service robot.

Our products range from commercial delivery, medical delivery, industrial delivery and food delivery to disinfection, family health management, mobility care and so on, and are applicable to commercial, industrial and household scenarios, including hotels, restaurants, apartments, hospitals, airports, supermarkets, factories.

We provide ODM/OEM services.Resources for OEM development include a team of over 180 staff, R&D team accounts for 80% in which 52% holds PhDs and master’s degrees or above. Leading these teams are senior engineers with many years of industrial experience and a strong focus on vertical integration.ROCKIT provide development and manufacturing solutions for all kinds of customized intelligent robots.

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